Title 1A

District Report Card

For the past several years the state of Maine has published annual report cards for each school within a district. These report cards summarize state assessment and accountability data for students in grades 3-11, as well as teacher qualifications. State law requires those to be made available to the community.  Beginning this year, the information regarding school districts and school performance is housed within an interactive dashboard.  The link to this site, as well as past report cards are listed below.


LCS 17/18 State Report Card

LCS 16/17 State Report Card

LCS 15/16 State Report Card

LCS 14/15 State Report Card

Parent - School – Community Compact:  

Community Responsibilities

Support the schools, the local libraries and community centers.

Participate in volunteer opportunities that support children and families.

Support and attend school events - get involved.

Be aware of school issues.

Be a good citizen; set a good example.

Make informed choices in school board elections.

Exercise your right to vote.

Expect the best of your schools.

Encourage students to finish school and continue their education.


Parent Responsibilities

Support children of all ages in getting ready for school – lunch, snack, clothes, books, etc.

Make good decisions about meals, bedtime, health, television and exercise.

Set rules and guidelines for children of all ages and treat them with respect.

Give children the emotional support they need and be generous with praise.

Strive to communicate with children and teachers

Model organizational skills and time management.

Provide a good environment for homework.

Encourage children to grow independently with responsibility.

Read to and with children.

Attend school functions, conferences, and meetings when possible.

Student Responsibilities

Attend school regularly.

Be responsible for your own actions and make informed decisions.

Follow directions and behave appropriately.

Listen to parents and teachers.

Complete assigned work and read every day.

Ask and answer questions.

Try your best and be prepared for learning

Cooperate and be polite.

Help others in positive ways.

Discover your passions; dare to be challenged.

Staff Responsibilities

Teach the district curriculum.

Be responsive to students and families and communicate with parents.

Encourage parent involvement in school.

Model respect: be fair and understanding.

Share goals and expectations with students and parents.

Know students and strive to meet their needs providing a variety of instructional methods.

Hold students accountable and document achievement.

Create and nurture a positive learning environment.

Teach students to be self-disciplined and to work independently.

Make appropriate referrals when necessary.

Model life-long learning, take courses and stay current.

The federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) requires all states, school districts, and schools to provide annual report cards to parents and communities that include Maine Educational Assessment (MEA) data disaggregated into subgroups, attendance and graduation rates, status of NCLB Accountability, and information on “highly qualified” teachers. This report card also displays statewide academic achievement results in grades four and eight on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) reading and mathematics assessments, as well as the participation rates for students with disabilities and limited English proficiency on the exam. Maine’s NCLB Report Cards contain the following information: 

MEA Data: Assessment data for English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics are provided for Grades 3-8 and high school, as well as for science for grades 5, 8, and high school. Data is disaggregated to explain performance by subgroups. The MEA data is from the tests given in the spring. 

NCLB Accountability: Accountability information is provided for how well districts and schools are progressing toward all students being proficient in English Language Arts/ Literacy and Mathematics. This system has been established to comply with the accountability provisions approved in Maine’s NCLB Accountability Waiver. 

Qualifications of Teachers: Information about the qualifications of teachers is provided for three areas: 1) the professional qualifications of teachers; 2) the percentage of teachers with emergency or conditional certificates; and 3) the percentage of classes not taught by teachers who are highly qualified in core academic areas such as mathematics, science, social studies, etc. This data is intended to help you understand the backgrounds and preparation of the teachers who are working with your child. 

National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP): Data from the NAEP results is displayed on the state report, allowing you to evaluate the performance of students in Maine with the performance of students across the nation or in other states. Students take the NAEP in reading and mathematics every two years. When reviewing these results, it is important to keep in mind that the NAEP results are based on a sample of schools and students across Maine, not all Maine schools and students. This NCLB Report Card details how Maine districts and schools are meeting the requirements of the federal NCLB legislation. More information about NCLB can be found at www.maine.gov/education/nclb/index.html or by contacting the NCLB Clearinghouse at 624-6705. 

William H. Beardsley 

Acting Commissioner of Education

Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015 is the current iteration of the ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act), the federal government's primary mechanism for holding public schools accountable, closing achievement gaps among different student populations and supporting schools in improvement efforts. ESSA creates a long-term stable federal policy that gives states additional flexibility and encourages states and schools to innovate, while at the same time being accountable for results.  There are two ESEA Title Programs that provide us with federal funds.  Each year the Maine DOE issues a report card for each district.  The ESEA Report Card may be found above:    

Title IA ensures that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on Maine’s Learning Results/Common Core State Standards.  

LCS uses these dollars to partially fund one teacher to bring Reading Recovery® and Title IA supplemental services to our school.  Money is also used to support professional development for both professional and paraprofessional staff, as well as to purchase materials, books, hardware, and software to support the learning needs of individual students.  Title IA funds are also used to operate summer school for Grades K-5 students, as well as teacher-referred students in need of continued support in the form of after-school tutoring.  

An advisory committee meets annually to review a Title IA policy and to seek input about training and/or information needed to help extend and reinforce your child’s learning and achievement.  If you would like to join, please call Dawn McPhail at 667-8578.

LCS also has a Parent/School/Community Compact that is reviewed yearly. If you would like to participate, please call the school.

Title 1A Application Annual Public Comment

If you would like to provide public comment on the Title 1A Application please see the information below. 

Title 1A Application & Public Comment Information 

Contact Information for the Director of Curriculum

Dawn McPhail

53 Lamoine Beach Road

Phone: 207-667-8578 

Email: dmcphail@lamoineconsolidated.org

The Lamoine School Department utilizes all assessment data to help inform our practices at the district, school, classroom and individual levels for our students.  Although we encourage students and parents to participate fully in our assessment program, it is important to note that parents/guardians may opt their child out of state testing.  If you are interested in doing so, please reach out to your child's principal to make this request in writing