Lamoine Consolidated School has set high, but reasonable expectations for student behavior. Our new Honor Level System recognizes and celebrates our students who consistently strive to meet those expectations. What is the Honor Level System?

The Honor Level System is an incentive system designed to recognize students for good behavior. An emphasis is placed on teaching students to be responsible for their own actions. The ultimate goal of this system is to build an atmosphere where students strive to be responsible citizens. The incentives for appropriate behaviors will be intangible rewards such as field trips, assemblies, special events, and privileges. This system is directly connected to the school’s discipline procedures and policies, as well as our extra-curricular code.

Inappropriate behaviors result in a series of progressive consequences appropriate for each grade level.

Honor Level Procedures

  1. Infraction slips are used when adequate warnings have failed to curb inappropriate behavior.
  2. Students will be warned that they will be issued an infraction slip if the behavior does not improve, unless it is an unsafe or major infraction behavior.
  3. Unsafe behaviors or major infraction behaviors will automatically result in an infraction slip.
  4. When a student’s behavior is so disruptive that he/she cannot remain in the classroom they will be sent to the office. Being sent to the office is a major infraction and will result in infractions points based on the severity of the behavior.


Infractions are divided into two main categories - Responsibility and Respect

Responsibility infractions are issued for organizational reasons. These are 1 point infractions.

They include failure to:

  • Bring signed material from home
  • Arrive at classrooms on time
  • Come to class with all necessary materials
  • Go directly to and from approved destinations within the building (wandering the halls)

Respect infractions deal primarily with student behavior that is unacceptable and/or disrespectful to others or the school. These types of behaviors are assigned a point value up to 5. They include failure to:

  • Refrain from disruptive behavior
    • disregard for rules and/or expectations
    • inappropriate behavior in the classroom, halls, cafeteria, field trips, etc.
  • Use appropriate language:
    • avoid profanity
  • Treat peers with respect
    • avoid mockery & sarcasm
    • avoid verbal harassment (name-calling, unflattering written statements, racial/ethnic slurs, degrading comments, insults, graffiti, inappropriate emails)
    • avoid verbally threatening or intimidating behaviors
    • avoid physical harassment (pushing, shoving, tripping, punching)
  • Treat staff with respect
    • avoid mockery or sarcasm
    • avoid defiance
    • avoid disrespectful tone
  • Refrain from damaging personal or school property
  • Refrain from inappropriate touching

How does it work?

When issued an infraction slip, students are asked to sign the slip. This way, the students know that they will be assigned a consequence and the appropriate number of infraction points. Infraction points are doubled when assigned by a substitute. A computerized system records the infractions, places the students in the correct Honor Level. Students will be expected to serve the consequence on the next school day.

Minor infractions will result in 1 infraction point.

Major infractions warrant an immediate consequence, will result in an automatic office referral, and points will be assigned according to the severity of the behavior.

Consequences for Infractions

# of points = Consequences

1 = Reflection Sheet

2 = Reflection Sheet + Lunch detention

3 = Reflection Sheet + Lunch detention

4 = After School Detention

5 = After School Detention

6 = Parent meeting + Administrative Action

Getting Back to Honor Level Gold

The Honor level System is forgiving. If a student earns infraction slips and drops to a lower Honor Level, they can move up one Honor Level in 14 calendar days IF they do not earn another infraction. They can also earn community service points to counter infraction points. A list of possible community service opportunities will be posted in classrooms.

Now for the Fun part!

Honor Level Privileges, Rewards & Incentives


  • Lion Pride Eligibility
  • Line Leader Eligibility (1-4)
  • Extra-curricular Eligibility (5-8)
  • Morning Announcements (6-8)
  • Listening to music while working (6-8)

Impromptu Rewards

might include:

  • Extra Recess
  • Board Games
  • “Dinner & A Movie” (lunch in the classroom w/an appropriate video)
  • Short local hikes
  • Organized large group games

Challenges and Long-Term Incentives

might include:

  • Camp Beech Cliff
  • Penobscot Theater
  • Roller skating
  • Bowling
  • Swimming Trips
  • Snow tubing/sliding

**We welcome reward and incentive suggestions from parents and students!